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Mankind has always been searching for this elusive treasure called HAPPINESS. Does it really exist? Can we find and enjoy it constantly?

This BOOK will give you not only the MAP, but also the MASTER KEY to the treasure chest.

Embark in a life-transforming adventure of self-knowledge and self-mastery.

If you have to read only ONE book this year, try “Raiders of the Lost Happiness”! - More about the Book...

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Do you REALLY want to “change”?

Question-Mark2The question “Do you REALLY want to change?” may sound senseless when asked to someone who attends coaching sessions, self-help workshops, or even those who buy a book or audio program in order to learn how to improve their lives. The emphatic answer to this question will usually be: “Sure! That’s why I’m here, that’s why I have invested in this program!” But that “reflex” answer does not necessarily mean anything to me. I’ll explain.

My many years of coaching and teaching have made me come to the realization that the majority of people certainly DO want their lives to change. They wish to be happier, to be prosperous, to attract their “twin souls”, be famous, etc. And that is fine, we are here to explore all of our potential and acquire more control over our personal realities. However, and please pay attention to this…most of these people want “their lives” to change, but they do NOT want to change “themselves”.

Do you know what you TRULY WANT in life? Find out NOW!

happinessHuman life is an interesting an exciting game, if we know how to play by the rules, that is. And actually, after you drop all of your pre-programmed limitations, dogmas and biases, what is left are just a FEW simple rules. If you can play by these rules, you can reach your ultimate goal in life.


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Raiders of the Lost Happiness – Part I, The Master Key to Life, Power & Success is scheduled to be released by April 2014.

This book will answer the question asked me by many people throughout the years:

 “Is there a formula for happiness?”